Let's a GO GO!!

Hishashiburi minna san!
It has been a years since I wrote last post, huh?

okay, today is 26th March.
that's mean?!

release of  
FLOW 26 a GO GO!!

*throw confetti*

This time I didn't POed this album, but don't think that I stop being a 26ers, No no no...NO!
I thought that if I POing this album and considering the lenght of delivery's time which is about 2 weeks from release date, so it'll arrive at 8 April.


because I'll be on Tokyo at 2nd April till 2 years later!
so I decided to buy the album when I'm in Tokyo instead.

oh btw.
dont forget to tune in NicoNicodouga channel, because there'll be FLOW in it!
check the schedule below.

Broadcast date: March 26, 2014 (Wed) 21:00 to 22:00 [Japan time]
Program URL: Http://Live.Nicovideo.Jp/watch/lv172973971

if you want to join on twitter don't forget the hash tag #平成26年はFLOWの年

jaa na!


Moving OUT!

Literary. both of it.
So, I'm feeling that I can't manage this blog for now.
but, I happened to be one of admin in FLOW fanpage on facebook.

I decided to updating FLOW's news at facebook only.
If you interested please go visit this fanpage.

oh, It's Indonesia only though.

I'll see you there.