Zepp Tour and charity

So, I kinda late posting this blog, but whatever..
I'll translate 3 blog from Take, Kohshi and Got's.
It's about their Zepp tour and a charity auction for Japan.

here you go.


Take's Blog



one week before we off to the first day at Nagoya
Today is also rehearsal
I can't wait to play in front of everyone soon

Rush rises on that stage


Kohshi's Blog

we were going to deliver good supplies to affected areas from a friend on the other day

cause poor ability to get my own, the supplies were entrusted to him.

He headed in alone in a truck with good supplies from
83 Peoples to
Fukushima Prefecture, Iwaki City shelter.

There were
From Self Defense Squad ,
Water in paper cups and paper plates and plastic tank

It's seem only a few supplies.

[Here are excerpts from his e-mail report]

Grandma and Grandpa were came to help unload the supplies
But, they seems happy anyway.

First I came to the gymasium, the atmosphere was change completely

I can said that everyone is smiling.

It confirmed with my own eyes that people on the shelter are in good conditions.

Thank you.

And this is just a few. . .

but After more than a month,
. .
primary awareness of Affected areas, would have feel much less .

Reconstruction is just beginning

So I think it all over again, We need help in the long span of supplies

We can continue this a litte bit more. . .

This is a charity T-shirt made ​​by younger photographers.

what the first thing will be said to cause action.

the important one...


Got's Blog

STAND UP! JAPAN auction has started.

Bass on the right.

I bought for use
on the PV COLORS shooting.
or attached with and a black string still remains like at PV.
then I also attached an
Ashdown 15W mini-amp for home practice. MP3 inputs and with a headphone output attached.
CD ConnectionHeadphones is well connected to the ear.

It came with about two picks and I use the bass strings and extra soft case Aniboru with it.
Others main amplifie
r bass, cosidered that as a bonus.

People do to the first bass.
Things needed to make a sound on the other set.
Shield (line connecting the base and amplifier. The first fellow
Ino Yasushi 3m long is good enough.)
Tuner (tuning machinery. I also buy a range of good Things.)
Strap man standing play.


FUWAAA~~!! sooo frustating translating this blog!
fuu..okay anything for FLOW~!!

Woo,, Got's got an auction for his bass.!
and I wish I can see their Zepp tour!



Baka Keigo

Hayashi Keigo.
Many FLOW's fans in some forum asked, Why Keigo?
what do you see in Keigo?

for me,
maybe because he's so amusing, as I saw in some TV shows or n their blog.
He's *cough* good looking too *cough*
[no doubt it, not handsome but nice to see him all day long]
Baka otoko, dont care if he looks weird in front of people.
Love to see him laugh, like he's the happiest man in the world.
first, I think he was selfcenter person if their have an interview, but guest what?
no. he just sit there next Kohshi, hearing Kohshi talk with the host,
waiting, and he only answer when he asked sumthing.
but, when only their alone, he turn into baka Keigo.

Kawaii, cute,cool, kakkoii? I dont know.

Here some Keigo's old Pic that I founded.
spread...Spread...spread Keigo's virus~~!!


Sawayaka no Keigo Section.


Behold~~~ Baka Keigo section...


Silly baka Narsis Keigo. But I like him. :D

Slipper in metal blade high school

I dont know what to say.
I just want to posting this pic.

slipper, slipper, slipper....


Kohshi's slipper in Metal Blade High School

"Hayashi desu~!!!" Keigo's slipper..


FIGMA Suzumiya Haruhi Summer ver. GETTODAZE~!!
late? nope. better being late than never.
O my god. what was I said?
Damn. I sounded like a retard entering otaku's world.

What the heck!

Here, Haruhi debut as my model together with my SD freedom Gundam .

"Yahoo!~ Here I come, minna~!"

"Hey Chibi! You weird, come join my SOS dan, will ya?"

Freedom : "O-okay." *blushing*

"YATTA~! we'll have lot of adventure together!"


I considering to buy another FIGMA.
NOOOO~~!! FIGMA's are poisoning me!!


2 Blog from KOHSHI

Okay, another blog from Kohshi guys.
it's about his birthday cake!




This year, I receive 3 cakes in total!

Thankyou for everyone who comments.


looks cool and delicious, especially the one with Kohshi pic. XD. I wonder, from whom all of that cake anyway?


This another one Kohshi Blog. related with Take's blog before but I didn't post here.
They start to record songs! YAY!

here you go!



Songs was recorded today!

The weather feels good~~

I'm feeling nice ~~

By the time, in the studio was already night out.

By the way, It's about one hour
struggling with Mike.

Time to fill the
power of FURUTEN that
Challenged by new songs.

It's so staggering.

Out and Cut.

Good night. . .


hmm. . . CMIIW
What is FURUTEN? I dont know either.
Cant wait to hear what song that they've recorded!
and.. yeah, for Kohshi-san, You must rest now. I know ya'll feel tired.
Rocker is a human too nyahahaha...

Oyasumi 26 tachi.



Now I get it! why Keigo and the rest of flow member wearing gakuran, because they were making PV for Metal Blade High School! BAKA!
Here some pic from behind the scene.


Keigo with his yankee senpai. XD

Looks like their having so much fun. goofing around, specially Take.
and Keigo here, he being a nice school boy.
His voice in this short anime was sounded really boyish. It'll be nice if Keigo being a Seiyuu for shoujo anime, for a cute boy character that can make us screaming "awwwww~". XD


Keigo and my favorite banana pocky!
Keigo seems happy too!


KOHSI-san no otanjoubi!!!

It's Kohshi's birth day today. He turn 34 this year.
[I will be 30 year's old its a wonderfull world...kimi mo 30 years old 20 (nijuu) dai bye bye bye.]
btw, Got's congrate him on their blog.



KOHSHI-san Otanjoubi Omedetougozaimasu~!!


Birthday cake From Got's.(?)
but why there's Got's name written on cake instead Kohshi's name?@_@

doodle from me. XD


Blog from KOHSHI

A new blog post on their official site. actually there are 3 new post, from Got's -->2, Kohshi -->1.
hmm... I'm trying to translate the one that posted by Kohshi. I'm kinda confused what the exactly Kohshi wrote about. XP
okay, this is it!



KOHSHI's garden (?) music theme of this month is . . . .
Led Zeppelin's "Ten years gone"

Engineer, "It's a swan song!"

I'm admiring the ballads.
In Swan song, the Incredibly beautiful voice singing in
just before the Swan's Death.
Words from the legend was born.

By all means, what
painting that I wanted to finished.

check it out this c
urrent issue of CD data.

FLOW way ahead of next month's First Zepp tour!

This "Zepp", It seems the sense of coming from the Zeppelin airship.

so, Immediately next month, I'll raise the picture painted by me. <--(?,not sure about this @_@)


feeling dont understand? me too...
what on earth the blur picture doing there? @_@
looks like that blur pic is a spoiler from Kohshi's painting? maybe.
and they're gonna have tour this year @ Zepp. :D


Blog from TAKE

New Blog from TAKE, looks like they dubbing some anime, maybe anime that included in ANIME BEST limited bonus. Take-san taken some photo and teasing his band mate while recording.
As you know, you can see their blog on FLOW official site (in japanese ofcourse)
but dont worry, I'm here translating it for ya'll.



「FLOW ANIME BEST」was successfully released.
I taken some Private Offshoot, It's a bit interesting.
here you go.

By a chance, a Student boy happen to be sit next to the Yankee Senpai.

I have conveyed the awkwardness,,,

a Yankees ahead of festival, he looks practice hard nee~

rather than alone....

two are more fun! :D


I dont know why Keigo and Got's dressed with gakuran? cosplaying? I dont think so. XD
Yankee senpai~ that hit the spot XD
but,,, some one is missing, where is Kohshi anyway?