New Official Site Layout


that how I feel when visiting their blog this morning.
new layout people!

The theme is FLOW the MAX!!!

Celebrating their 10th Anniversary
(which till now I don't know the date) , they have more Live Concert to do.


10th anniversary Special Live @ O-nest.
It's one man Live in 5 days!
they gonna sing all of their song in each album in each day!

and look!

Count down LIVE!!!

so excited in here.
although It's imposibru to watch the Live. :3



Final Day BW tour : SENDAI


Final Place for the BW Tour is Sendai.
and addition again like their Zepp tour before.

Arrived at Sendai for the first time since June last year!

It's the Final day, so Kohshi wants to sing as best as he can.

Lets run into there together.
That's the Black&White


Random FLOW's photo

Okay, got an interesting photo in here.
It's from CHUJO-the subsociety

Chujo said that his hobby is attending LIVE concert, so he was in Kogashima in that time and happend to be watched the BLACK&WHITE Tour.
as you know FLOW had a collab with Subsociety before.

what's wrong with GOTS-san?
haha . . .

From TAKE's Twitter.

This photo's sender told to TAKE that her sister a 26ers now, following her. :)
I think every official 26ers member will get this dogtag necklace. :3
ii ne?


Celebration @24PennyLane Sapporo

Happy 26's day!

Still from their BW Tour.

In Sapporo, 24 Penny Lane was purposely prepared a sake barrel for celebrating FLOW's 10th Anniversary.
(seriously I didn't remember the exactly date of their anniversary.=3=)


どーも 札幌ペニーレーンさんが10周年を

祝して「鏡割り」を用意してくれました ありがたいっす!!!
[TAKE's twitter.]

kagami-wari? what's it's mean? a mirror assignment?
imi wakane . . .

This is at CODE GEAS slot event in Tokyo. GOTS said they got 2 live in 1 day and only sing 4 song. :)

I kinda familiar with this dish.
GOTS said that it's a salmon nabe.

to me, it's looks like 'tekwan' hahaha . . .
Tekwan is our south sumatera local dish, also made with fish.


KOHSHI's blog B&W tour


another Keigo's photo by Kohshi

I felt that Keigo is the epicentrum of their group. every member loves Keigo. :3
so, It's not strange that Keigo always appeared in every photo.
beside of that, the camera loves him too.XP

I guess this photo was taken at backstage of MAIRO, Toyama.
and another B&W outfit (again)

because they're always wear it in every their live, It had been a theme for them, I think 26ers can cosplayed them then. :P


Review: Black&White Album

Like I promised before, I'll review all of songs in Black&White Album.

#1. Hey!!!
I've commented about this song before, this song is an upbeat rock song, started with TAKE's Guitar, and bam! You gonna sing along with them, shouting "HEY! COME ON! MY BABY!"

#2 Rock Climbers
This song I think have same taste with HEY!!!
upbeat, speed and heavy.

#3 [革命] Kakumei
I like when Kohshi shout "kokoro ni kakumei wo!" and then comes speed guitar and GOTS's bass. This song give me feel like want to run to my way and break all obstacle ahead. YEAH!

#4 [この際はっきりさせとこうか!] Konosai hakkiri sasetokouka!
a long title for s ahort song.
yeah, It's less than 3 minutes long.
a cheery song like, easy listening. Iwa-san said this is a party rock song type.
if we translate it it will be "Lets make this clear this time!"

#5 [感情行進曲]Kanjou koushinkyoku
"emotion march song", they insert some marching gimmick sound in it. like the drum rythem and spelling the emotion word, "E-M-O-T-I-O-N"

#6 [チェルシーガール] Chealsea Girl
a love song? tell me another love song from FLOW, hmm.... I dont know.
kinda pop'ish. but nice to hear this song.

#7 [おはようジャポニカ] Ohayou Japonica
Damn. I love this song. Linkin Park taste. XP
more rap, more emotion, and more rock!

same title with the album.
hm . . how am I put it in words . . . you know FLOW is different with another rock band.
They're rock!, but with a tender way.
you know, some rock band can make you a headache or crinkling your forehead. FLOW didn't like that.
and that's what I feel in this song.
because Kohshi's voice is Rock enough to live up the song. YEAH!

#9 Tabidachi GRAFITTI
I remember when I first knew about this single, I start to fallen in love again with FLOW.
Ballad song never fail. and loveable PV.
a nostalgic feel song. :3

#10 Hikari
The gorgeous song that FLOW ever sing. XD
when I first hear the sample at cdjapan. OMG! this song is gonna be my theme song this year!
a lot of piano and 'arigatou' song's feeling.
a cheering song to get over bad situation.

I reaaally love this song too! damn! I love all of song in B&W!

It's the same title from their ZEPP tour last year.
fast guitar an up tempo song.
Kinda give me fighting spirit to face my hard life although maybe this song is about their effort to cheer pepole and grab their dream with their song till the end of time no matter what everybody says.
'you and I are connecting on the line'

5 stars from 5 stars!
They,re never fail us with their album, ne?
very recommended!!

can't wait another work from them.
Ganbatte ne! minna san!

I'll review the DVD!


今 大坂です!

KOHSHI's blog

Now! Production at Osaka!

♪( ´▽`)



Why Keigo?
And they wear black and white outfit again.
ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘


Intaneto ga inai, dakedo HAPPY

Internet still down in my home.
It's said the internet will back a month later because the maintanance.
and they'll promise the connection will be faster than before.

yeah, thats good if it'll com true.
but to wait for 1 month? no internet?



Ureshii~ XD
Yeah! I wish after Laruku, FLOW will come to Indonesia.



作詞:Kohshi Asakawa 作曲:Takeshi Asakawa


ほら 胸のコンパスはまた 新たな未来を示す

まだ この声が続く限り 行けるはずさ また歌い出して

昔から いろんな事に興味を持ち はじめてみては 三日坊時で終わる

そんな 僕が 今まで 続けて来れた事 噛み締めながら


まだ生業だなんて 言えるほど大層なモノではないけど

これまで果たせた約束や 届かぬ願いの苦さも味わって


未来と過去 結ぶ線の上 結ぶ線の上 結ぶ線の上


昨日よりも今日 今日よりも明日って やって来た今が最高

数えきれぬ人達に 支えられながら 今の僕がいる

僕らの信じた音楽は今もちゃんとこの胸に 鳴り響いているよ



大丈夫さ もうビクともしないから

みんなで積み上げた大切な場所 守るため 歌っていく

僕と君 結ぶ線の上

Put my life on the line

Put my life on the line


Hora mune no COMPASS wa mata arata na mirai wo shimesu
Mada kono koe ga tsuzuku kagiri ikeru hazu sa mata utaidashite

Mukashi kara ironna koto ni kyoumi wo mochi hajimete mite wa mikabouzu de owaru
Sonna boku ga ima made tsuzukete koreta koto kamishime nagara
Hitori PEN wo hashirasete iru

Mada nariwaida da nante ieru hodo taisou na mono de wa nai kedo

Koremade hateseta yakusoku ya todokanu negai no niga-sa mo ajiwatte
Soredemo mada kanaetai yume ga aru kara kyou mo utatteru
Mirai to kako musubu sen no ue
musubu sen no ue
musubu sen no ue

Ano koro wa hontou ni yokatta yo na, nante honki de sou omotteru no ka yo
Kinou yori mo kyou kyou yori mo ashita tte yatte kita ima ga saikou

Kazoekirenu hitotachi ni sasaerare nagara ima no boku ga iru

Bokura no shinjita ongaku wa ima mo chanto kono mune ni narihibiite iru yo
Dokka no dareka ga shimesu detarame ni madowasarenai you ni to
Makete shimawanu you ni to
Daijoubu sa mou biku to mo shinai kara
Minna de tsumiageta taisetsu na basho mamoru tame utatte iku
Boku to kimi musubu sen no ue

Put my life on the line
Put my life on the line


Look, the heart Compass show a new future again.
Sing out again continuing as long as this voice is still there.

Having an interest in many things from the past
[はじめてみては 三日坊時で終わる]?

with Clenching, it was that kept me going forward until now
Alone running a pen

I'm still alive though it is not the things to say very much about

And to fulfill this promise and also to tasted the bitterness of unreachable wishes

I singing today because there is still a dream wanted to fulfill
On the line connecting the past and the future

Connecting On the line
Connecting On the line

In those days I'm really glad, Do you really think it so
What today than yesterday and tomorrow than today, Now came the best one.

Now I'm here, with the support of countless people unexpected

We believe in music ringing in my heart I'm just fine now
And so as not to be fooled by the shown of bullshit from someone somewhere

the unexpected lost
It's all right, Not even move an inch from the other

Let's sing in order to protect everyone who stacked in important places
You and I Joinning On the line

Put my life on the line
Put my life on the line


some one can tell what is the meaning of mikabouzu[三日坊時]. :P