Celebration @24PennyLane Sapporo

Happy 26's day!

Still from their BW Tour.

In Sapporo, 24 Penny Lane was purposely prepared a sake barrel for celebrating FLOW's 10th Anniversary.
(seriously I didn't remember the exactly date of their anniversary.=3=)


どーも 札幌ペニーレーンさんが10周年を

祝して「鏡割り」を用意してくれました ありがたいっす!!!
[TAKE's twitter.]

kagami-wari? what's it's mean? a mirror assignment?
imi wakane . . .

This is at CODE GEAS slot event in Tokyo. GOTS said they got 2 live in 1 day and only sing 4 song. :)

I kinda familiar with this dish.
GOTS said that it's a salmon nabe.

to me, it's looks like 'tekwan' hahaha . . .
Tekwan is our south sumatera local dish, also made with fish.

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