FLOW AFA2012 report

 Did you see I love Anisong concert last night? 
my my my....

You know, I don't live in Singapore but believe it or not, I watch this concert LIVE!
at Nico Nico Live. :P

You think it's easy like a snapping finger to watch it, only because we don't have to join the crowd in that hall? tsk, tsk,... You're wrong dude.

FLOW was prepared for last performances, because, yeah you know la.. everybody want to see FLOW.
and the concert was delayed about half hour :(
and not to mention LAG, LAG, and LAAAAGG, 
and discrimination with priority nico premium member...

ma, nee...

so, I watched all performances
BABYMETAL, a kawaii metal girl, nice song too
m.o.v.e, rap song with DJ
Fripside, Railgun song, nice song too.
and many people really love LiSA, but I never listen her song, they said she sing for angelbeats anime.

and.... after waitng about 5 hour, no kidding, I must wait 20-30 minutes to see each next artist.
There's FLOWWW~!!!


and they covering Zankoku tenshi no TEZE like they did in france!!!
I love this covering XD

and for last song, for firing them up, they bring GO!!!


In MC part, Keigo  talk with his not bad engrish about FLOW's 10th anniversary and ask audience to yelling MAXXXX with him! awww.. I wish I was there too....

I'm proud with Kohshi english articulation, he's really good, I think he practice hard. :D well done Kohshi-nii.

and after concert FLOW-tachi instead do the high five they did the MAX touch with all audience! 
soooo jealous~!! I want do the MAX touch with KEIGO too! XD


so excited.


Gaman dekinai

Gaman dekinai.

I solemly swear that I gonna stop spamming about Arashi again in this blog.

soganai no? this is FLOW fanblog right?
It's just inappropriate blabering around about Arashi, darou?


I come up with this mendokusei idea.

. . .

I make another blog!

kochi! kochi! ----> Zekkoucho CHOU!

I hope I can managing these two blog well.

Saa~ minna, Let your fangirl soul free~

matta soko ni!



Title: ブレイブルー BravBlue
Artist: Flow


光る水平線 始まりと終わりの
溶け合うそこは 涙の故郷なの

ふるえてる手で 信じられる物 ポケットに詰め込んだ
彼方(かなた)で 揺らめいてる蜃気楼

空見上げれば 導いてくれるような
行かなくちゃ もう泣かないよ シャングリラ

目指すは地平線 遥かなこの道を
歩は遅くとも 風味方にしてさぁ行こう

ひび割れながら 戸惑いながら 君は今日も生きているんだ
それをね 望む人達がいる

空見上げれば 導いてくれるような
行かなくちゃ もう泣かないよ シャングリラ

闇の向こう側 どこまででも 変わらぬまま
深くて美しい 海と空の青 青 また会おう

空見上げれば 導いてくれるような
聞こえるか?待っていろよ シャングリラ
行かなくちゃ もう泣かないよ シャングリラ


 hikaru suiheisen hajimari to owari no
tokeau soko wa namida no furusato nano

furueteru te de shinjirareru mono poketto ni tsumekonda

kanata de yurameiteru shinkirou

sora miagereba michibi itekureru youna

natsukashikute atsui hikari wo kureru
anata wa chiisaku te wo furuyo
ikanakucha mou nakanaiyo shangurira
aratana sekai he to daibu shiyou
aoiro ni itakareta boku wa...

mezasu wa chiheisen harukana kono michi wo

ho wa osokutomo kaze mikata ni shite saa yukou

hibi ware nagara tomadoi nagara kimi wa kyou mo ikiteirunda

sore wo ne nozomu hitotachi ga iru

sora miagereba michibi itekureru youna

natsukashikute atsui hikari wo kureru
anata wa chiisaku te wo furuyo
ikanakucha mou nakanaiyo shangurira
aratana sekai he to daibu shiyou
aoiro ni itakareta boku wa...

yami no mukou gawa dokomade demo kawaranu mama

fukakute utsukushii umi to sora no ao ao mata aou

sora miagereba michibi itekureru youna

natsukashikute atsui hikari wo kureru
anata wa chiisaku te wo furuyo
kikoeruka? matte iruyo shangurira
mugendai no [I] de sabaibu shiyou
kanarazu mitsukedashite miseruyo
ikanakucha mou nakanaiyo shangurira
aratana sekai he to daibu shiyou
aoiro ni itakareta boku wa
kono mune no takanari to tomo ni


The shining horizon, the beginning and the end
blended together, there lies the origin of tears

With my trembling hand I stuffed in my pocket what I believe in
Beyond the wavering mirage

If I look up at the sky I'll be led by
the nostalgic and warm light granted to me
You waved your small hand
You don't have to go, don't cry anymore Shangri-La
Let's dive into a new world
I was embraced by the blue color...

The aim is the far away horizon in this road
Make your steps slow but steady, now, let's go

Even while breaking, even while in confusion, you are still living today
Thats something some people desire

If I look up at the sky I'll be led by
the nostalgic and warm light granted to me
You waved your small hand
You don't have to go, don't cry anymore Shangri-La
Let's dive into a new world
I was embraced by the blue color...

How far does the other side of darkness goes unchanged
Deep and beautiful blue, blue from the sea and sky, let's meet again

If I look up at the sky I'll be led by
the nostalgic and warm light granted to me
You waved your small hand
Can you hear me? I'll be waiting, Shangri-La
Let's survive in the "I" of infinity
I'll show you that I'll find it no matter what
You don't have to go, don't cry anymore Shangri-La
Let's dive into a new world
I was embraced by the blue color
Along with the beating of my heart

*credit : http://chrisk69.exteen.com


spaming: arashi popcorn album

I got this email this morning.

totally ordering this.
and, welcome to poverty-ness.

sorry for spamming about arashi. I know it's unappropriate.




Okay, yesterday I just got my Bravblue single!
late? Yeah, SAL.

so, here they are.
Nice cover ne?
and you now what?, they wrote FLOW with katakana in the obi. 
FUROU..tte iu.

 the DVD contained braveblu PV and PV offshoot.
and there's BLACK&WHITE live ver!!
in the first I red it, I like ...


teeett! WRONG!
it's only B&W song live ver. at liquidroom


ma,ii ka.

 many surpraise in it.
Nice CD cover.

blue blue blue.
so many blue. Ow, there's eureka7 AO colectible card, and announcement flyer about their upcoming Touch event. meet and greet I think.

and, this is the POSTER DA!
CDjapan really take care the shipment but the post service not.
so, my packaged got some dent on it and my poster got some creases in the middle.

Maaa, that's all.
I'll review the CD & DVD in another post.


Oh, Oh, BTW.
I'm sorry for repeating this all over net
but I had to do.

24 hour t-shirt!!!! YAY!!


Kanjani8 no Shiwake Eight feat. IWASAKI

Kanjani8 no Shiwake Eight

this time Okura challanges, Taiko no Tatsujin arcade!

saa... can Iwasaki beat Okura the champion?

 They duel song is Ikenai Taiiyou by Orenjirenji! Muzukashi level!

 some encouraging word by FLOW's other member.

 Iwasaki determination! GET that Champion belt!

 Okura in high tension.

 saaa! Hajimasyouka?

  Wao!! Iwasaki did awesome!!! no miss!
I've play ikenai taiyou in taiko no tatsujin DS or...in PS2...I forgot.. Natsukashii na~~

surprising from challanger!

Okura feel anxiously back there, but he didn't wanna lose the belt.
so,  He tried his best.

OKURA still the champion!!
zannen na Iwasaki.... 
better luck  next time!



did you seen Tokyo Hit Girl last night?

I only saw half way of it.
the internet stream last night was really sucks!.
I was like seeing a Powerpoint abstract slide show.
ma ne,,
so, only Keigo and Kohshi come to this bangumi anyway.

and they doing the FLOW THE MAX pira pira version style. fufu..

They're discuss about how anime can be very close and related with FLOW's carrier.
and I think they're also talking about oneesan and oniisan.
Keigo talked about his oneesan, and Kohshi talked about how he being Oniisan to Take...
Tabun..ne? wakaran...



Bravblue poster

About the poster. for pre order only. F*** YEAH!!!

a double side poster.
definately  will put the FLOW's side. duh!

Yappari ne, that photo will be the poster.

SAAA~~ what I just to do is waiting for mailman visiting my house.
maybe about 2 weeks from today... only can afford SAL though.... money crisis...
so many temptation out there, believe me.


Bravblue with a POSTER!!!

My BRAVBLUE is shipped today!!

and, guess what?
a POSTER!!!!!!

I just know it, right before I posted this.
I wonder what poster it is.... Eureka AO? or...


FLOW TV appreances

SAA, minna!
FLOW TV appeareances this september!

■ TVasahi [KANJANI no shiwake ∞] 9/8(Sat)19:54~ Japan time
■ NTV/NihonTV「HAPPYーMusic」 9/7(Fri)25:28~ Japan time
■NTV/NihonTV「Tokyo HIT GIRL」 9/6(Thu)25:08~25:38 Japan time

 all you can stream this with KeyholeTV.
Ureshii na~!


FLOW covering songs AGAIN??

Flow the party.
and because of this event they can't go to AFAID. 

and, let see the mechandise ne?

dou? what do you think?
this is the weirdest they ever made so far for FTP merchandise, I think.

ma, ne.

look what TAKE wrote in his blog!

LIVE Exclusive Fan Club
26ers NaNaNa Night vol.2
"Cover THE MAX!!!"

They covering songs by votes????

# 10 Heavy Rotation / AKB48
# 9 誘惑 / GLAY
 # 7Pink spider / hide with spread beaver
 # 6Ultra soul / B'z
# 5 Secret base~ 君がくれたもの~ / ZONE 
# 4 Chiisana koi no uta / MONGOL800
# 3 Zankoku no tenshi no TEZE / Yoko Takahashi
# 2 READY STEADY GO / L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel
# 1  We are! / Hiroshi Kitadani 

seriously guys! 
japanese 26ers e, ARIGATOUUU NE!! 
your song's choices are saikoouuu!!!

I want to seeee this LIVE!!!!

I hope they recorded it, make it DVD and CD tribute!!!



MATSURI september

this September will be like a matsuri for me, folks!
let see...

9th 5th , BravBlue release date!

and of coures the fenomenal ARAFEST!
(although I can't don't go see them, kawaiso na~)

and, and, you know what?
this month I'll get many delivery packaged arrived at my home, ne! 


first, the BRAVBLUE CD/DVD!!

de! waku waku gakou outer!!! YAY!

not to mention the BRS TV-ani figma though.. YES!

another useless thing in my room!! HOORAY!!

soshite, 24 HourTV T-SHIRT!!!

OMG, seriously, I even can't believe myself in spending those money.

and the last is....
 Satopi ARAFEST jumbo uchiwa!

(yeah, I know that is 10-11 tour uchiwa, the Arafest one is not release yet.)
and I hope he's not messing around with his face and his hair, I bet it's the kobo-chan's hair this time)

hazukashiii na...

I won't tell my mom about this, or my dad, worst, my brother...
he gonna tease me around in the rest of my life.



Hishashiburi minna.

at last!
They done with Braveblue's PV!

here's the preview.

what? It's only an image?
where's the video?

unfortunately the video only for them who live at Japan.
if insist you can pay a visit to their official website.

It's okay though. 
I've already preordering the limited edition. muahahaha..


PV BraveBlue sneakpeak

nani are? nani are?

mosi ka shite Brave blue PV naka ni?
uwo~ takusan no ao da!

otanoshimi yo!


AFA @ Indonesia

AFA ID 2012



ready steady go by FLOW

JE 2012

 Kohshi didn't remember the lyric well, muahahaha....
ma ne,
even Hyde can forget the lyrics too.

BLAZBLUE full version LIVE

Ano sa!
BLAZBLUE full version for the first time, only @ JE 2012 paris!

man, How lucky they are, ne?

can't wait september coming. :D


FLOW @ JE 2012 paris

From Japan Expo 2012 Paris.

and extraordinary concert, all about Anime song.
even FLOW covering evangelion song!
(obviously Kohshi's Fav. anime)

Zankoku no Tenshi no TEZE by FLOW!!!
(to good to be true!)

This is soooooo mind blowing!! FLOW covering Larc~en~ciel????!!!
MAN! you guys should covering all of anime song!!

code : BLUE

Okay Y'all!!
Some sneak peak from FLOW!
Orange, Black&White, and now BLUE!!!

 tracklist :
1. ブレイブルー (BLAZBLUE?)
2. 休日 (Kyuujitsu) -Holiday-
3. DAYS -ナカコー REMIX- (nakako Remix)

definately gonna buy
 the [Limited Edition ] - CD + DVD !!!



BLAZBLUE preview

BLAZBLUE preview!!
 thanks to 

 what do you think?
so DAYS isn't?


FLOW 26club AMUSTREAM report

have'nt y'all watched FLOW @ amustream yesterday???

what? nope?


seriously, you should feel regret now. 
It's so fun to hang out with those 5 jisan.

ma ma, don't worry.
I'll re telling that event special for y'all!

jaa, se, no!


and guess what?
 I almost forgot to watch this streaming, and they had aired 18 minutes when I started watched it. Gomen.

see that cake, it's FLOW 10th anniversary cake!
and like TAKE's before, KEIGO got his birthday cake too! not round cake, but a slice of  Strawberry shortcake. and he was like surprised and happy , although it's a belated surprise cake.

and here they are, they'll called back some fans that have registered before.
and if Keigo said FLOW THE . . .
then that fans must say MAXXX!!!!

and voila! you got, 26club's towel and bucket !

because this inculding 26club event,
after that, they decide to play Wii Bowling!
see their face in Wii version. haha..
GOT's was soo pro in here!
he got strike in first game!

Keigo, and Take mostly spare, 
and Iwasaki ... I kinda misswatch because of  all that buffering yaro thing.
 the loser is Kohshi da! 
so he must ate um, I think it's kinda boiled mini lobster. wait a minute . . .
Kohshi winner or loser in this?

wakarane. . .
ma ii ka..

Let's go to the next section.
guessing FLOW's intro song!!!

 In this Part, FLOW will play random intro song, and fans who got called by Keigo must guessing what song it is.
and you now what they play a hard level, they only give 1 sec intro!
imagine, we only can hear 1 sec and gues that song!
hidoi yo!!

even they sometimes kinda confused guessing their song too.
 look Kohsi.
he stole KEIGO's cake!!!!

btw, there's a funny moment, when Keigo ask on the phone after play some cheapskate intro.

Keigo : "can you hear that intro?"
fans on the phone : *act like confused*
Keigo : "jaa, once more oke, or you can hear at your komputer speaker. *play the intro*
and Keigo played that intro 3 times because that fans didn't get it.
so, Keigo come like this.

Keigo:"are  you kidding me? GEMMU WAKATTEMASUKA???!" (are you understand about this game??)
saying that with pissed off face. www..

 another funny moments, beside Kohshi not enough with Keigo's cake.

It's the last  challenger to called.
Keigo ask her name and play the intro.

seriously this is even less then 1 sec.

Keigo : "oke, maybe because this is the last the intro part is became hard (hidoi)"
Gots: "Oh! I get it!! (he know what song it is)
fans: "mou ikkai onegaishimasu~~"
Keigo :"right, one more time ne,,"

*play that cheapskate intro*
Fans : "maybe I got it"
Keigo : "aaa~ so, what song is that?"
Fans : "buringnijion:
FLOW : . . . eeee??

all of the blast in laughter!
what kind of title of song is that??

Keigo : "ma, ma, it's okay, spell it with Nihonggo. (japanese)
fans : "BURINGU ITO ON!! (Bring it on!)

My GOD! seriously I'm rolling on the floor while I hear that spelling.

 in the last part they should be let us hear a sneakpeak of BLAZBLUE,
when they about want to play it, (I'm waiting nervously) 
the sound won't come out.

Keigo : "ee, daijoubuka? daijoubuka? aa~ nantoka taihen da!"

some kind of sound technical mistake.

so they skipped it :(
next with promoting their next FTP and the guest star and they got FLOW 10th anniversary t-shirt to sale!

 It's almost more then 1 hour, it's time to say good bye.

but, they don't wanna go before letting us hear BLAZBLUE!



Gots and Take hand waving!

I bet you guys! this is sooooo EUREKA!!! soooo DAYSS!!!!

definately buying that single!!!

I can't record it for you guys, to busy to mesmerizing the song. . . .
sorry .

and, that's a wrap!!

see you at Rush THE MAX!!! 5 DAYs special LIVE & FTP THE MAX!!!

 this from KOHSHI's blog.
uwa~ OREO mitai~!


otnaoshimini da!!!