FLOW TV appreances

SAA, minna!
FLOW TV appeareances this september!

■ TVasahi [KANJANI no shiwake ∞] 9/8(Sat)19:54~ Japan time
■ NTV/NihonTV「HAPPYーMusic」 9/7(Fri)25:28~ Japan time
■NTV/NihonTV「Tokyo HIT GIRL」 9/6(Thu)25:08~25:38 Japan time

 all you can stream this with KeyholeTV.
Ureshii na~!


FLOW covering songs AGAIN??

Flow the party.
and because of this event they can't go to AFAID. 

and, let see the mechandise ne?

dou? what do you think?
this is the weirdest they ever made so far for FTP merchandise, I think.

ma, ne.

look what TAKE wrote in his blog!

LIVE Exclusive Fan Club
26ers NaNaNa Night vol.2
"Cover THE MAX!!!"

They covering songs by votes????

# 10 Heavy Rotation / AKB48
# 9 誘惑 / GLAY
 # 7Pink spider / hide with spread beaver
 # 6Ultra soul / B'z
# 5 Secret base~ 君がくれたもの~ / ZONE 
# 4 Chiisana koi no uta / MONGOL800
# 3 Zankoku no tenshi no TEZE / Yoko Takahashi
# 2 READY STEADY GO / L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel
# 1  We are! / Hiroshi Kitadani 

seriously guys! 
japanese 26ers e, ARIGATOUUU NE!! 
your song's choices are saikoouuu!!!

I want to seeee this LIVE!!!!

I hope they recorded it, make it DVD and CD tribute!!!



MATSURI september

this September will be like a matsuri for me, folks!
let see...

9th 5th , BravBlue release date!

and of coures the fenomenal ARAFEST!
(although I can't don't go see them, kawaiso na~)

and, and, you know what?
this month I'll get many delivery packaged arrived at my home, ne! 


first, the BRAVBLUE CD/DVD!!

de! waku waku gakou outer!!! YAY!

not to mention the BRS TV-ani figma though.. YES!

another useless thing in my room!! HOORAY!!

soshite, 24 HourTV T-SHIRT!!!

OMG, seriously, I even can't believe myself in spending those money.

and the last is....
 Satopi ARAFEST jumbo uchiwa!

(yeah, I know that is 10-11 tour uchiwa, the Arafest one is not release yet.)
and I hope he's not messing around with his face and his hair, I bet it's the kobo-chan's hair this time)

hazukashiii na...

I won't tell my mom about this, or my dad, worst, my brother...
he gonna tease me around in the rest of my life.



Hishashiburi minna.

at last!
They done with Braveblue's PV!

here's the preview.

what? It's only an image?
where's the video?

unfortunately the video only for them who live at Japan.
if insist you can pay a visit to their official website.

It's okay though. 
I've already preordering the limited edition. muahahaha..