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  FLOW are :
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  In 1992, Kohshi was in 9th grade. He really loves Hide from X Japan. Because of that, he bought a guitar, so he can plays X japan’s songs. His brother, Take is interested to have a guitar for plays X japan’s songs, too. As a good brother, Kohshi bought a guitar for Take, though Take had to pay by installments from his savings.

   They often practice together in their bedroom and play X Japan songs. Finally, they decided to make a band that plays X Japan songs. Kohshi acts as Hide and Take acts as Pata. This band was called Wyburn (originally, Wyvern which means a kind of dragon). In 1993, Wyburn started their band activities by have a small show in some live house in their area.

   In 1998 when X Japan disbanded, Wyburn which plays their songs change their direction to Hide’s songs and changed their name to Pinking. Beside plays Hide’s song, Pinking started to compose their own song. In 1998 Pinking compose some songs, and quickly change their status from cover band to original band. They gathered their songs in a demo tape and they sold it. Surprisingly, their demo tape sold by 150 copies. The results strengthen their spirit for being serious in music. And Kohshi in that moment is influenced to hip hop music and wants to add some hip hop in their band. But finally they decided to change their image. Kohshi and Take find the right name for the band, and they choose a short (and good) name, FLOW.

   In 1999, Kohshi and Take think for the band concept so the band can be enjoyed with music-lovers around Japan. They decided to fill the vocal with double-vocalist. And the selected person for this is Keigo. Keigo was Kohshi’s high school friend and he was the fans of Wyburn and Pinking. Keigo also the vocalist of a band which often doing performance with Wyburn and Pinking. FLOW doing the debut performance in September, with additional bassist and drummer. Kohshi doing the part time job in Shibuya Quattro, and he introduced himself to a man who just take a part time job on that place. And that man is Got’s. As u knows, he is a bassist. Got’s watched FLOW’s performance in November and interested to join the band. FLOW old formation had a last performance in an event in Oomiya Hertz on the beginning of Dec 1999.

   FLOW new formation with Got’s as a bassist started performance in small event in 2000. In March, the manager of catering that provide food for Shibuya Quattro, Iwasaki, introduced each other with Kohshi. Kohshi’s first impression was Iwasaki is really frightening man with a lot of tattoos in his body, and his age is older than they all. Iwasaki was interested to join the band too. Even though Kohshi is still scared, he finally accepts his offer to get into FLOW, though his status is still an additional drummer. But after he joined, he often escapes from the band practice. Until Aug 2000, 4-members held a meeting and called Iwasaki, and intended to dismiss Iwasaki if he don’t come. But Iwasaki came to the meeting and finally he became FLOW’s full member. And finally, FLOW’s last formation is formed.


Real Name   : Kohshi Asakawa
DOB      : Saitama, 22-4-1977
Blood Type   : O
Position   : Vocalist/ Guitarist

Kohsi is Take’s big brother. Beside singing, he plays the guitar and other instrument in some Flow’s songs, including harmonica in Taiyou. When, he was in Primary until High School, he really likes athletic and also have a good record in that subject. His favorite sport is hurdles and relay race 4x400m.

Real Name   : Keigo Hayashi 
DOB      : Tokyo, 1-7-1977
Blood Type   : O
Position   : Vocalist

Keigo wrote almost all of the lyrics from Flow’s songs, including several popular songs like Colors and Days. Sometimes he works together with Kohsi in lyric writing. Just like Kohsi, Keigo likes soccer and athletic too. He had an accident that made his legs injury. He also has some friends which are Professional Japanese football players. Keigo, who has 2 sisters, should wear glasses, but don’t want them because “they spoil the mood”. Keigo likes fashion and always tries to look up to date. He and Take have a weekly online radio show, Bar26.

Real Name   : Takeshi Asakawa
DOB      : Saitama, 31-8-1978
Blood Type   : A
Position   : Guitarist/Chorus

Take is Kohsi’s little brother. He was Flow’s youngest member, but he takes the lead in Flow from the first time Flow was formed until July ’07. He wrote some of the lyrics like Everything All Right, Hands, Love Dub, and Meros. In Meros, he works together with Keigo.


Real Name   : Koutarou Gotou
DOB      : Niigata, 26-1-1977
Blood Type   : A
Position   : Bassist/Chorus

Even not as many as other members. He also do the arrangement. He works together with Take in Around The World

Real Name   : Hiroshi Iwasaki
DOB      : Osaka, 21-11-1969
Blood Type   : A
Position   : Drummer/Chorus

Iwasaki was the oldest member of Flow. The others was scared when they saw Iwasaki for the first time because he has so many tattoo. Iwasaki, who worked as a manager in a catering company, became the last who joined Flow. He was predicted by a fortune teller that good things will go to him. And it is! He was given a responsibility to be the leader of Flow since August ’07. He never do the arrangement. But, he wrote the lyric of Dream Express together with Kohsi. 

Source : Animonster