26club is come back!!!

(Mon) 2012/7/2, 
 at last FLOW will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first major debut ! 
To celebrate the 10th anniversary YEAR, they hurriedly decided  to LIVE in Internet !

(Mon) 2012/7/2 ;  
20:00 to 21:00

at  [2012/07/27]
They come back with their [26CLUB]!!!!!

 so, many way to participate in this event, but you must an official 26ers and live in Japan.

 I hope there'll be a surprise tanjoubi party for KEIGO-nii!

ma, ne...
we can still enjoy it minna san!!



New single ブレイブルー

Get ready minna!!!!!!!
New single title 

"BlazBlue" 「ブレイブルー」
2012.09.05 !!!

Decision as the opening theme of TV anime "Eureka Seven AO"!!!

- Limited Edition (CD FLOW) [CD + DVD
There inclusion benefits  
KSCL-2110 ~ 2111 / ¥ 1,450 /
CD [Limited Edition]
KSCL-2112 / ¥ 1,250
Wide cap sticker picture Anime inclusion benefits: first, Lim
ited Edition Specifications
CD[Limited Pressing (CD Eureka)]
Specifications inclusion benefits 
 KSCL-2113 ¥ 1,400 digipack

anime "Eureka Seven AO"
Being broadcast in BS-TBS series, and other TBS MBS (MBS).


sasuga ne, matta anime song da!


FLOW @ AFA Malaysia report

AFA 2012 @ Malaysia.
Special FLOW report.

Mattaku, I hope Next AFA which it'll be hold at Jakarta, Indonesia, FLOW will coming in!

Let's get started!


7 June
FLOW arrived at Malaysia safe and sound.
Check in at the Hotel and go to dinner.
They decided to chose the local Malaysian.

the menus are mixture of Chinese and Indonesia. (YAY!!! Indonesia!!!)

 8 June
They got time for exploring Malaysia.
It's always like vacation for them. my, my.

and they're eat at KIN KIN restoran for lunch.
and TAKE's fav, meal is this

 chiripan mi desu!

and, they got the restoran's owner to take photo together.

 Nice! much2 Kissu for man in the middle please!

9 June
First day of AFA.
They gotta go tho the dressing room.

and they got interview and shooted by Animax.


 at the backstage, bunch of poster to be signed.

brochure at the venue
It's said that they'll perform at 9:20 pm (so late night ne?)

"Tomorrow wa GANBARIMAX!!!"
 I kinda familiar with that white shirt. 
did he wear it when ON THE LINE LIVE?

 10 June
Today is the day!

they did the rehearsal in the same day.

 Live on stage now!! a big venue, with many audience!

after live, people gather in the line for get their CD signed by FLOW!

Commemorative photo!

final, TAKE's twit for all Malaysia's fans. :D


That's all minna.

NEXT!!! AFA Indonesia!!!
1-2 September!



FLOW THE MAXX!!! updated

Hisashiburi da ne?!

Today news is about their upcoming single FLOW THE MAX!!!

based from their schedule, this september they will have FLOW the party and the theme is MAX!!!, so, the release date somewhat between July-August... maybe August, again! and 31st? TAKE's tanjoubi?

or in my birthday? *squee*


from Iwasaki's blog 

He said that, they're in the middle of recording for the new single. the first track.
Drum and Bass already finished recorded, so it's TAKE solo guitar's turn.

after that, they will continue to recording the next track.