New single ブレイブルー

Get ready minna!!!!!!!
New single title 

"BlazBlue" 「ブレイブルー」
2012.09.05 !!!

Decision as the opening theme of TV anime "Eureka Seven AO"!!!

- Limited Edition (CD FLOW) [CD + DVD
There inclusion benefits  
KSCL-2110 ~ 2111 / ¥ 1,450 /
CD [Limited Edition]
KSCL-2112 / ¥ 1,250
Wide cap sticker picture Anime inclusion benefits: first, Lim
ited Edition Specifications
CD[Limited Pressing (CD Eureka)]
Specifications inclusion benefits 
 KSCL-2113 ¥ 1,400 digipack

anime "Eureka Seven AO"
Being broadcast in BS-TBS series, and other TBS MBS (MBS).


sasuga ne, matta anime song da!

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