HEY!! promotion + behind the scene

They reveal the single album covers!

here. click it to see bigger size.

visit their sony official site too.
they change the site themes to 'Orenji style' yeah!


What happen with TAKE and Iwasaki's hair? so silly. cant stop laughing when I see TAKE's face.
KEIGO-nii is still with his blonde hair....he look nice..
Love Kohshi's style because he didnt change his style like the others. ahahaha..

cant say anything about this covers @_@
what a bizzare combination, baby, jellyfish robot?
zen zen wakane~
who's that baby anyway? Keigo in baby's size? buahahaha..

Shikasi! I've ordered it!!! how many times I've said it? hahaha..


Time for translated Blog!

here you go.

TAKE's Blog

As seen on CM and HP, men on orange.
yes we are.
Mikan yaro tachi desu
(we are the tangerine guy)

Today is a little bit scene captured from MV.

even the vitamin C are abundant on the floor. (?)

the shooting cameraman of course this man.

Ee.. I'ts lie. :P

Footage shot here are probably included in the DVD off shot.

do you see that?

This Giant fan

maybe this wind can blows the summer heat to elsewhere

It blows really strong winds.

It make face feel cool but It's hard to open the eyes.

It blows really strong winds.

My life opposing the winds blow.
but it's odd, somehow we unbeatable when opposing the winds.

the example of Angle 45 degrees scene (GOT'S solo)

Full Length Ver are Waited for a while! ! !

Tomorrow Falls.
look forward to it.


yeah. I knew what you think.
It's cool PV right?!


Missed the 26 [flow] days.. + DVD FLOW ZEPP TOUR!

so, it's a bit long time I havent post about FLOW.

here you go.
and a Surprise .



Today the Trophy that we was awarded "J-MUSIC Best Album" even though we didnt came to France, is Arrived in Japan!

This is it!


O~ It's looks as shining as trophy of Nadeshiko Japan, nee..

Even so, we rarely receive a award, this give us a happy feeling.

Like we thought, there were "still more" pleasure beside from a low rating after producing [MICROCOSM] album.


despite of all, the "Harmony" itself was a trophy.


This is what I've waiting for.

pre order DVD :




DVD/Ki/oon Records/KSBL-5971

the long-awaited after 3 years, the completion Recorded of the first ZEPP TOUR DVD!
Containing all 25 tracks on all & MC!
The contents are of course included from past Hit album "FLOW ANIME BEST" (released April 2011) , the masterpieces from the era indie until their brand new single "Hey!!!"the strongest theme song!
even 'a must see' their LIVE ACT stage performance that they had shot.

experience the evolving FLOW.
they relieved a little stiff , packed full of with excitement and laughter, tears and warmth.

The secondary audio recording are The
familiar hilarious commentary from FLOW members .
no cover yet though*

want to order it?
here ---> [Sony Ki/oon Japan]


dekita zo!

I'm hyperventilating now.
and even more, because of the price.


watakushi no baka no Nichijou

Like I promised to my self back then,
whatever happened to this world, I must purchase HEY!!-FLOW single limited edition!
It was said those are gonna release at 31st August, I thought that I still have long time to wait until it release, so maybe I will order it on CdJapan (via Kaskus ) after 25th August..
I saw this!

16 item left!
like zapped by a bolt, I was hurried to pushed my helper to order it right away!
(and, thats why the pic said 15 left, it was my order! :D)
haaa... yokatta.
1400yen+SAL 750yen = 2150 yen

cant wait 31st August coming by!

SushiSo Japaneese Restourant

salah satu hasrat hidupku tercapai!
makan ikan mentah!

disela-sela jam kerja kami pergi ke SushiSo <--- pegawai dak bener.
sambil celingakcelinguk kiri kanan waspada keberadaan bos #trauma

suasananya lumayan Jepang, dengan pelayan menggunakan sapaan "Irassyaimase!"
walopun bingung bales sapaanny gimana, tanpa babibubebo aku langsung bilang
"bisa di bawa pulang?"

dan kami pun disuguhkan buku menu.
kebanyakan menu sushi.
ada Ramen dan Udon sodara-sodara!

akhirnya setelah tanya jawab sama si mbakny, kami pesen yg sushiso spesial <---apalah td lupa namanya.

isinya kyuri,crabstick sama tamagoyaki kalo ga salah, di atasnya ad salmonbakar plus telur ikan. slurp~~
dipotong jadi 8 bgian dan harganya lumayan mahal. Rp45.000!
untung bagi dua, haha..fiuuh~

Rasanya UMAI!!!
salmon plus telurnya meleleh dilidah ditambah isi yg crunchy di makan pake mayones~~
serasa melayang di udara~
bisa2 kesurupan.

daridulu ak pengen coba yg namanya ikan mentah, pengennya sashimi, tp buwt permulaan yg roll aja de, yg isiny pake ikan maguro alias tuna.
yg ini dipotong jadi 4 hargany Rp.17.ooo.

pertama mo d coba, dengan reflek ak cium dulu tu sushi, amis pa nggak.
dan yg ada malah bau si noriny.
ak celup ke shoyu yg udah ak campur aduk pake wasabi+acarjahenya

. . . . .

WAW! YABE!!!!!
ikan mentah gak pernah seenak ini!!

Maguronya lembut banget~ ga amis sama sekali. XD

walo ukurannya kecil2 tapi rasanya enak.
dan hargany pun sesuai dengan rasa, dan secara bahan2 untuk bwt sushi emang ga murah.



berita tentang FLOW emang lagi seret, Blog Flow.mu isiny Gots+Bassny melulu...


Gundam 00 PURAMO+next poison

Another amusement is arrive today!
Gundam 00 Raiser High Grade 1/144!

got it from HLJ via Kaskus, and it was on Sale! buahaha..
1000 yen.

and I cant believe it, so many parts in there!
wish me luck to arrange those things up properly. @_@


Figma Hatsune Miku Support ver.
3000 yen!
for me that is expensive.
but, because this ver, is related with support Japan which if we buy it 1000 yen will be donated tru redcross Japan, I can apologized it. so, the real price is 2000 yen.

I wish I dont bankrupted after buy this figma.
mattaku... I want this figma for a long time, and now this is the time.
Now or never!

and maybe this is the last time I will buy Figma or any toys.
*crossed finger*


Rantaro Live action movie!

Nintama Rantaro Live Action Movie!
release date 2011/07/23

you must watch it!
so hillarious!

the Cast are really looks same like the anime series!
Kawaii Rantaro~~ I feel wanna take him home. XP


TAKE's blog : Zepp Sendai photos.

Some Zepp Sendai tour photos minna!
thanks to the staff and Take-nii~~ :3

those are taken from TAKE's Blog.


TAKE's Blog

Today also got the Guitar on my hand and making music.
Change for a blog, excuse me for disturbing.

I received some nice photos took by the staff from the recently Zepp SENDAI
Live and I want to share it.

I like make an image of the scene song just after from LIVE.
Jaa ne.


did recording the live are prohibited?
there's no one uploading it on net until now.

and...WTH that last sentence mean anyway?
what a complicated language. =_=;


uneasy 2nd Figma

My 2nd Figma was arrived yesterday.
It's Teana lanster from Nanoha striker.
She's a fighter with dual gun.
It's kinda hard to find this figma on net.
I just lucky.

why this tagged with uneasy word?
there was a very2 stupid and very2 shamefull story behind my Teana.

an emotional BAKAYARO A.K.A me, directly accuse this figma was a fake because the size is smaller than Haruhi's figma.
and there's no hologram ont he box, the box looks like thinner than Haruhi box, everything looks like downgrade from Haruhi's Figma.
I feel so disappointed, so I decided want to selling it on net.
but before that I go to forum site where I buy this to PM the seller telling that my figma was fake one.
PM was sent.
but, wait a sec... maybe I was taken over by my emotion, maybe this figma is an original one..
I feel nervous, I search on net, and the box was same with mine.
suddenly I feel soooo uneasy... I sent the PM and accused him he selling a fake figma!
what am I gonna do?! CRAP!! I hate my self!
so, I sent another PM, telling that I'm an amateur on figma world.
but its too late.
next morning he called my cellphone...
I got a bad feeling. I really dont like made someone feel upset and offended.
I picked up the call and..
I feel really sorry, from his voice tone, he sounded upset.
and I apologized...
and then I check my mail, there was mail from him.
BAD! this is soo bad!
I was feelling wanna slap my face.
so I sent him an apologized mail... I wish he not mad at me anymore..

Watashi o yurushite kudasai
*deep bowing*

I promise I will dont carried away with my emotion.

saaaa~~ enough with that shamefull story...
I wouldnt sell Teanna.
I've been waiting her so long..

"I'm Teana Lanster, yoroshiku."

"hey, lets be friend~"


"Friends for ever"

"Dont forget us too Haruhi~"

*nice cosplay, Haruhi.*
"hey! take it back my outfit!"



FLOW New Single [HEY!!] CM

CM FLOW New Single HEY!!!

check it out!

cool PV preview!!
I like the way they singing in the middle of stormy winds~~ Kakkoii!
Orenji theme huh~, Cool!

KEIGO! Why you look so young in there?!
two thumbs for the make up artist! ahaha~~



HEY!!! - FLOW!!!

HEY!!! by FLOW

3rd Opening theme for Beelzebub!

Check it out!
before it copyrighted!!!!!

first aired this morning @ Yomiuri TV.
very rocking song!!!
Love Kohshi's voice!
31st August seems soooo loong~!!


KEIGO's pic when FLOW on Beach cleaning.

he? he looks good in there...
*cocok jadi pemulung*
ahahahaaha.... gomennasai KEIGO-nii~~

but, really he looks , how I put those word...hm.. good looking?.

and why there's no one helping KEIGO-nii?!!!
what happen with those girls?

I wish I was there.



TAKE's blog tribute KEIGO tanjoubi

someone want to post on their blog about KEIGO-nii's tanjoubi..

and It's TAKE-nii!



July 01

Pack of anniversary Birthday PHOTOS

*nani o mitsumeteru no?*

VIVA!!! 34 years


bunch of KEIGO-nii's photo!
looks like from their US live...
hmm.. I wonder, KEIGO-nii is the most less post-er on their blog among another member..

even in his birthday!
doko ni iru no, leader?!!


FLOW-MICROCOSM ALBUM won the Japan Expo Award 2011 [best album category] !
did you voted for them?
I DID!!!!
sooo happy~~ XD



K5 NII~!

and...I dont know how many time I've said it. ahaha...
I'm such a retard.

Is that our K5 nii?!
he's such an ignorant, always make a silly face..
I didnt know who gave him cake, maybe Kohshi...
34, no comment, but he said he want to against the flowing of his age. :D


and this my PURESENTO!
although I prefer to give him a hug and feed him my hayashi rice, but..


me: I got something for you.... JAAAN!!~
KEIGO: you did it only for me?! Arigatou~