Gundam 00 PURAMO+next poison

Another amusement is arrive today!
Gundam 00 Raiser High Grade 1/144!

got it from HLJ via Kaskus, and it was on Sale! buahaha..
1000 yen.

and I cant believe it, so many parts in there!
wish me luck to arrange those things up properly. @_@


Figma Hatsune Miku Support ver.
3000 yen!
for me that is expensive.
but, because this ver, is related with support Japan which if we buy it 1000 yen will be donated tru redcross Japan, I can apologized it. so, the real price is 2000 yen.

I wish I dont bankrupted after buy this figma.
mattaku... I want this figma for a long time, and now this is the time.
Now or never!

and maybe this is the last time I will buy Figma or any toys.
*crossed finger*


  1. "and maybe this is the last time I will buy Figma or any toys.*crossed finger*"

    REALLY??are u sure?all i know that people will become addicted if they started to buy "that thing"...MUAHAHAHA

  2. namony jg usaha bik..

    I've been fallen to otaku's hole!!! tasuketekure~~..

  3. i can't save you coz i've been like that too...-____-