uneasy 2nd Figma

My 2nd Figma was arrived yesterday.
It's Teana lanster from Nanoha striker.
She's a fighter with dual gun.
It's kinda hard to find this figma on net.
I just lucky.

why this tagged with uneasy word?
there was a very2 stupid and very2 shamefull story behind my Teana.

an emotional BAKAYARO A.K.A me, directly accuse this figma was a fake because the size is smaller than Haruhi's figma.
and there's no hologram ont he box, the box looks like thinner than Haruhi box, everything looks like downgrade from Haruhi's Figma.
I feel so disappointed, so I decided want to selling it on net.
but before that I go to forum site where I buy this to PM the seller telling that my figma was fake one.
PM was sent.
but, wait a sec... maybe I was taken over by my emotion, maybe this figma is an original one..
I feel nervous, I search on net, and the box was same with mine.
suddenly I feel soooo uneasy... I sent the PM and accused him he selling a fake figma!
what am I gonna do?! CRAP!! I hate my self!
so, I sent another PM, telling that I'm an amateur on figma world.
but its too late.
next morning he called my cellphone...
I got a bad feeling. I really dont like made someone feel upset and offended.
I picked up the call and..
I feel really sorry, from his voice tone, he sounded upset.
and I apologized...
and then I check my mail, there was mail from him.
BAD! this is soo bad!
I was feelling wanna slap my face.
so I sent him an apologized mail... I wish he not mad at me anymore..

Watashi o yurushite kudasai
*deep bowing*

I promise I will dont carried away with my emotion.

saaaa~~ enough with that shamefull story...
I wouldnt sell Teanna.
I've been waiting her so long..

"I'm Teana Lanster, yoroshiku."

"hey, lets be friend~"


"Friends for ever"

"Dont forget us too Haruhi~"

*nice cosplay, Haruhi.*
"hey! take it back my outfit!"


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