HEY!! promotion + behind the scene

They reveal the single album covers!

here. click it to see bigger size.

visit their sony official site too.
they change the site themes to 'Orenji style' yeah!


What happen with TAKE and Iwasaki's hair? so silly. cant stop laughing when I see TAKE's face.
KEIGO-nii is still with his blonde hair....he look nice..
Love Kohshi's style because he didnt change his style like the others. ahahaha..

cant say anything about this covers @_@
what a bizzare combination, baby, jellyfish robot?
zen zen wakane~
who's that baby anyway? Keigo in baby's size? buahahaha..

Shikasi! I've ordered it!!! how many times I've said it? hahaha..


Time for translated Blog!

here you go.

TAKE's Blog

As seen on CM and HP, men on orange.
yes we are.
Mikan yaro tachi desu
(we are the tangerine guy)

Today is a little bit scene captured from MV.

even the vitamin C are abundant on the floor. (?)

the shooting cameraman of course this man.

Ee.. I'ts lie. :P

Footage shot here are probably included in the DVD off shot.

do you see that?

This Giant fan

maybe this wind can blows the summer heat to elsewhere

It blows really strong winds.

It make face feel cool but It's hard to open the eyes.

It blows really strong winds.

My life opposing the winds blow.
but it's odd, somehow we unbeatable when opposing the winds.

the example of Angle 45 degrees scene (GOT'S solo)

Full Length Ver are Waited for a while! ! !

Tomorrow Falls.
look forward to it.


yeah. I knew what you think.
It's cool PV right?!

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