Thanks to our 'diligent' local mail service, my CD's came after 1 week after release date.
and you know what? cdjapan delivered it since 18 feb!




Yabai ne?
2 CD's! nope 3! include the DVD!
yappa new stuff always shiny~~ XD

This how their look inside.
hontouni daisuki with the cover XD
they're like having so much fun, sharing the B&W cake.
poor IWA-chan. hidoi TAKE-nii. :P
I can see their bond as a best friend to each other member.

this is the first press so I got the application card.

I've just realized that to completed the triple benefit card,
we need the coupon inside the rock climbers CD
and paste it on app card from B&W album.

meh, It's no use for me anyway, unless I live in Japan.

and there'a a B&W cake sticker! :D

the B&W booklet!
I thought KOHSHI did the illustration only for the ROCK CLIMBERS,
but in this booklet the lyrics are handwritten by KOHSHI himself.

the back side of CD box.
before and after. :D

what a mess!

So happy to see this photo. :D
I feel wanna make a big poster of it and put in my bedroom.


NEXT I'll review the songs.

Jya, matta ne~


TAKE and GOCCHAN twitter!

So, TAKE and GOTS get a twitter account for themselves.
and TAKE won't twitting again @FLOW_official.


This from Kyuuppa, translated TAKE and GOTS's twitter.
and I've updated the twitter LIVE stream's page.


T- Helllllo. From here on out I'll be here, so yoroshiku \(^0^)/
G- Yoroshiku. Anyways, my e-mail is getting flooded. What should I do.
G- Uwah. I messed up. I didn't think about my icon at all. For now, with this egg, yoroshiku.
T- Hello. Gocchi is here too ^^
T- Heeeellllllooooo. Hurry up and follow @!!!
T- Hellloo. You were given the default icon, Egg Guy!!!
G- Going with the flow, I've searched thoroughly--There's no auto-follow option!?
T- Hello. Gocchan is following like crazy. ; ;
G- Somehow a problem came up so I can't see my followers. I'll resume following tomorrow.
T- Hello. The icon on the left is good after all. Looks like the TAKE doll is talking.
G- And, as for blocking people who are annoying, do not worry. Only when it's spam will I deal with that.
T- Don't block me!!! (in reply to above)
G- Anyways, thank you so much. Let's make sure the first day at Asaka Blitz is a great one.
G- TAKE is the 241th one I followed. (T/N: 241 can be pronounced [in a punny way] as niyoi, or "smell" or "odor")
T- Hello. To all the people who stayed up to watch Happy music, go to sleep yo!!!
T-..."Smelly(241)" you're annoying (in reply to GOT'S above)
G- Nogizaka46. (T/N: I'm not sure what pun this is...)
T- That's totally irrelevant! (in reply to above)
G- I don't want spam, so from now on til forevers, I won't look at DMs.
T- Shaddup!!! RT Ah, TAKE-chan has fewer followers than Gocchan lol
[skipping a few of GOT'S about happy music [tv show?]]
G- TAKE's still..
G- It ended.
T- Gahahhhahaha (in reply to "TAKE's still..")
T- You serious!!!(* o *; RT TAKE-san! FLOW's on TV!


Next, Keigo, Kohshi and Iwasaki. :D
Hayaku make twitter account will ya?


Release Album + Official FLOW FB

Lately my internet connection in my home got down.
and I've got a lot work for my job so,
In this 2 days back, I can't update my blog.
and worst,
I missed niconicodouga live stream, where there's FLOW appeared.
and I feel that tonight I will missed the Ustream too.

how miserable me. . .

so, I got to get my self together,
and by the way, I wrote this in my office. gotta move silently or else . . .



there's so much news from FLOW.

we start from, album release.
22/02 yesterday was the day!

These are the samples from GOTS's blog.
and this is the Trump card B&W Tour merchandise.

and coincidencely I've got my BUTTERFLY album!
and I just to wait for 1 week to get my Black&White + Rock Climbers CDs!!!
Ureshii naa~~!


yes, official FLOW Facebook!

Like them, hayaku!


FLOW will give away 10 signed poster to 10 people randomly who twit their favorite song in Black & White Album with tag # FLOW_B_W.
have you twit it?

in case one of you bought the first press of their album, you'll get a chance to win a free Tour T-shirt!
but, you must buy the Live tour ticket (and unfortunately it's only in Japan).

The winner will be annouced by FLOW's member after the LIVE stage, and they will handed the T-shirt to the winner by themselves!

Lucky! XD

just reminding, FLOW will appear in Ki/oon Ustream tonight.


Starts at 02/23/2012 8:00 PM (18:00 WIB)



Black&White TOur Official Merchandise

From flow.mu

Official Merchandise.

★ T-shirt black [S / M / L] ¥ 3,000

★ T-shirt - white S / M / L] ¥ 3,000

★Muffler towel ¥1,500

★Wristband ¥1,000

TrumpCard 1,000

poker chip key chain (all six types clatter) @ 500

Starting 2/25 this week @ Yokohama BLITZ.


maybe these will sell @ ASMART.
want it?



Today FLOW is stand by @ NAMCO BANDAI, Mirai kenkyūjo, NARUTO world tour.

and . . .
TAKE-nii get a NARUTO rice bowl signed by Takeuchi Junko -san!!
so Lucky ne?

She said,
"TAKE no oniichan e."
"To Take oniichan"



B&W Osaka Campaign + Japan EXPO 2012

STAFF's Blog

Alright Osaka campaign today!

Live broadcast "SUNNY SIDE BALCONY" at Karasuma COCON!
DJ: Natsuko Mori-san,
has been in their hands "BLACK & WHITE" !

Also live broadcast in here!
DJ:Yumi Otsuka-san


"Rookies!" Shiga FM
DJ: Harumi Takahashi-san

imainaomi no minna ga MEDARISUTO" KBS radio
-san sparkling smile

ABC "Music Buffet"
DJ :Mr. Takehiko Ueda-san
"BLACK & WHITE" is firmly here! !


oh, btw,

FLOW will be appeared at [JAPAN EXPO 2012]
Celebration of Europe's largest Japanese culture and entertainment.
Start: July 6, 2012 (Fri.)
Venue: International Exhibition Centre Nord Villepinte (Paris, France)


Nice doing FLOW-tachi~ :D



If you happen to be kinda often to open flow.mu,
there's some of liner notes's footage from each FLOW's member.
if we want to see more, we must visit recochoku site from mobilephone, but PC and smartphone not available. =3=

they're adding one by one of the songs periodically on their blog.

so, I'll try to take the digest from each member each song.
and I'll update this post until all song had reviewed.

check it out!




TAKE : #1 HEY!!!

[This HEY!!! song is about to cheering up and to give a positive support strength for people in Japan after earthquake situation. It's derived from KOHSHI's poem to give a positive message.]

[Looks like TAKE describe about the ROCK CLIMBERS MV. It take the Black and White theme, where KEIGO as a white side and KOHSHI as the black side. and he thought it's suite for each person.]

It's coupling song with ROCK CLIMBERS. Keigo wrote the lyrics. monotonous melody originally called "Chant", the song is called Chant of soccer supporters. The song begin with WoWoWo ~ chorus, feels like in stadium when soccer play. Feel like common in FLOW live

GOTS : #3 [
[The first new song from the album. Sound feels down and a dark style, t
uning is lowered down a sound after a long time playing musical instruments, the string were played.
a surprising and unusual style from FLOW.]

IWASAKI : #4 この際はっきりさせとこうか! [Konosai hakkiri sa se tokou ka!]
[a Party Rock Tune, Speed ​​up from earnestly making doubly sure of tension. an Up beat rock song]

GOTS : #5
感情行進曲 [Kanjō kōshinkyoku]
[as like the title, konshinkyoku (march), It's a like marching song. It had DADADADAN rhytem. Mostly this song contain chorus part.]


[The only one love song in this album. Take a rest the ears after hearing the marching song.
A Killer pop tune of the medium style. It's a personal song too]


more footage will update soon. :D


Fukuoka campaign

STAFF's Blog

Campaign in Fukuoka today.

[Green life]
with DJ Ritsuko Tateyama san!

TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting,
recording [Entame Samurai]
hosted by Miyajima Ryosaki-san!

Then at the Fukuoka FM
Taking Comments in "Hyper Night Program GOW!!" "Sutamoni"

Live Broadcast "SUPER RADIO MONSTER Raji Gon"
DJ Seiichi Yoneoka , Yuko Yamada

LOVE FM from satellite studio
Live broadcast "STYLISH LIFE"!
DJ: Anna-san!

Everyone who listen to the live
Everyone who moderated our DJ /
the staff, Thank you for everything

Tomorrow we will be disturb you at Osaka!
Thank you very much


he's always good looking in every photo shoot.
guess who I'm talking about?


Black&White campaign + regular sample!

STAFF's Blog

Nagoya campaign today!

The release date for "rock climber's" & "BLACK & WHITE" are approaching from moment to moment!

Have you check the liner notes?
you DL and hear the songs?

Nagoya campaign today!

Live appearance @
FM AICHI in [Lovely Street!] programme.

Everyone who had listened, thank you very much!

They even made us a TV recording.
TVAichi "a-ha-n" Interview.

And here is. . .
Location design of "Kuro chaneru".

Two Vocalist after the bowling showdown!
Enjoying when the on air of [Shōhai no “shirokuro”]



Came back today from Nagoya

and directly to the studio

Rehearsal for Live!

make my eyes go round and round!

By the way, the Regular version GETTO!!
It's feels pretty good.

This time in the lyric side, I able to let do it with my handwriting. [?]

The Campaign Journey will continue to Osaka, and Fukuoka from tomorrow

so Sleepy!


It's Regular ver.! wao! where's the limited edition? >.<
can't wait my black and white comes this end February! XD


figma MIKU!!

She's arrived with Hasegawa 1/12 Desk and Chair!
Finally! MIKU-chin~!

Cheerfull Japan pose

with new friends

Their new desk and chair. :D

1/12 is really fit with figma. :D


Figma BRS2035 game ver.!




To celebrate the simultaneous release of New Single & Album, FLOW appeared in NICONICO live!

Program Name
commemoration program release of FLOW New Single" Rock Climber's ", New Album" BLACK & WHITE! " " Lets wearing black and white "

broadcast date and time
(Tues) 21:30 to 22:30 February 21, 2012 (19:30 WIB)

viewers time-shift period: 1 week



be sure to watch it minna-san!

Hokkaido campaign

Hokkaido campaign.
Kohshi said he really happy like the comment he wrote below.

too small, cant read it. =3=

official black& white poster.



finnaly @ spaceshower

rockclimbers by Bored4Lyfe

thank to Alexis who shared this in FB.


this PV is weird. I kinda disapointed with them
karate and sexy women?
what is the connection with Rock climbers?

why they didnt take the 'real' rock climbers theme?
a~~ come on guys! You can do it better than this.

miss a story within their PV, like Garden and Tabidachi GRAFITTI.

appeareance @ NAMCO BANDAI, Mirai kenkyūjo

FLOW will appear at Naruto World Tour tournament in Japan.
related with Narutimate Storm Generation games which is will release this February for PS3 and XBOX360.

Dates: February 19, 2012 (Sun)
NAMCO BANDAI, Mirai kenkyūjo (Tōkyō Shinagawa)


26 @ Thailand

What?! they're gone to Thailand all last week?
That's why no blog from them lately *exclude GOTS that unexpectly posted blog quiet often*

so, It's not our FLOW if they're not goofy.
more photos at flow.mu

maybe they take a vacation and have fun before doing a long live tour.
but it's Thailand! It's near Indonesia! why you didnt stop by here?


TAKE the new Leader


1 hour ago
今日は岩ちゃん 家で
Today we're on Iwa-chan's house
to work a l
ittle bit for next tour

This is for the first time we visited his house
[Nani?!! so they're never been visiting each other house? mattaku. are you a frieand or what?]


4 Feb
改めまして2012年新リーダーTAKEです 以後お見知りおきを

It seemed
all get enjoy as fan club newsletter DVD is arrived
once again, after this will recognize as the new leader in 2012
[wow.Omedetou for Take-nii!]



Review: chocodessert & LOTTE choco pie

sorry to spamming. fufufu...

no interesting news about FLOW afterall.
so, I want to review some snack that I ate recently.



dessert chocolate mousse
by Brasserie

It's looks pretty right?
makes every chocolover want to eat it.

you know, I kinda lucky today, yesterday this dessert was sold out only in 1 hour!
the price is Rp.18000 = $2 = 153 yen

Haruhi feels happy too. :D


Lets review.

on the top of mousse, a fresh strawberry spread with glossy jelly,lies on frosted chocolate.
It sour taste and sweet from chocolate mousse blended smoothly in my mouth. :D

Inside the mousse bunch of chocochips scattered randomly, and at the bottom of it there's a soft choco cake!

overall the taste are nice not so sweet. every chocolover will love it.
but for me it's somewhat too big portion, I can't finish it in a one shot.





An imported snack from LOTTE, chocopie!
I cant believe it, it was sold in carrefour.
the price is Rp.14.000 = $1.5 = 119 yen

and you know what, in online shop they sell it $4.5!

I love it packaged.

see that? It's a tone note.
I try to play it on recorder. and, yeah, Its kinda catchy tone I guess.

So, this is how the exactly the chocopie looks like.
layered pie cookie filled with chocolate.
absolutely crunchy and soft, I love the chocolate taste too.

I wish I can buy it some more.


did you know? Keigo is love to reads novel.
and recently he red "Strawberry night" by Tetsuya Honda which had been get in to live action drama.
and he gonna read back again "Invisible rain" in his travelling time.