TAKE and GOCCHAN twitter!

So, TAKE and GOTS get a twitter account for themselves.
and TAKE won't twitting again @FLOW_official.


This from Kyuuppa, translated TAKE and GOTS's twitter.
and I've updated the twitter LIVE stream's page.


T- Helllllo. From here on out I'll be here, so yoroshiku \(^0^)/
G- Yoroshiku. Anyways, my e-mail is getting flooded. What should I do.
G- Uwah. I messed up. I didn't think about my icon at all. For now, with this egg, yoroshiku.
T- Hello. Gocchi is here too ^^
T- Heeeellllllooooo. Hurry up and follow @!!!
T- Hellloo. You were given the default icon, Egg Guy!!!
G- Going with the flow, I've searched thoroughly--There's no auto-follow option!?
T- Hello. Gocchan is following like crazy. ; ;
G- Somehow a problem came up so I can't see my followers. I'll resume following tomorrow.
T- Hello. The icon on the left is good after all. Looks like the TAKE doll is talking.
G- And, as for blocking people who are annoying, do not worry. Only when it's spam will I deal with that.
T- Don't block me!!! (in reply to above)
G- Anyways, thank you so much. Let's make sure the first day at Asaka Blitz is a great one.
G- TAKE is the 241th one I followed. (T/N: 241 can be pronounced [in a punny way] as niyoi, or "smell" or "odor")
T- Hello. To all the people who stayed up to watch Happy music, go to sleep yo!!!
T-..."Smelly(241)" you're annoying (in reply to GOT'S above)
G- Nogizaka46. (T/N: I'm not sure what pun this is...)
T- That's totally irrelevant! (in reply to above)
G- I don't want spam, so from now on til forevers, I won't look at DMs.
T- Shaddup!!! RT Ah, TAKE-chan has fewer followers than Gocchan lol
[skipping a few of GOT'S about happy music [tv show?]]
G- TAKE's still..
G- It ended.
T- Gahahhhahaha (in reply to "TAKE's still..")
T- You serious!!!(* o *; RT TAKE-san! FLOW's on TV!


Next, Keigo, Kohshi and Iwasaki. :D
Hayaku make twitter account will ya?

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