Black&White campaign + regular sample!

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Nagoya campaign today!

The release date for "rock climber's" & "BLACK & WHITE" are approaching from moment to moment!

Have you check the liner notes?
you DL and hear the songs?

Nagoya campaign today!

Live appearance @
FM AICHI in [Lovely Street!] programme.

Everyone who had listened, thank you very much!

They even made us a TV recording.
TVAichi "a-ha-n" Interview.

And here is. . .
Location design of "Kuro chaneru".

Two Vocalist after the bowling showdown!
Enjoying when the on air of [Shōhai no “shirokuro”]



Came back today from Nagoya

and directly to the studio

Rehearsal for Live!

make my eyes go round and round!

By the way, the Regular version GETTO!!
It's feels pretty good.

This time in the lyric side, I able to let do it with my handwriting. [?]

The Campaign Journey will continue to Osaka, and Fukuoka from tomorrow

so Sleepy!


It's Regular ver.! wao! where's the limited edition? >.<
can't wait my black and white comes this end February! XD

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