Review: chocodessert & LOTTE choco pie

sorry to spamming. fufufu...

no interesting news about FLOW afterall.
so, I want to review some snack that I ate recently.



dessert chocolate mousse
by Brasserie

It's looks pretty right?
makes every chocolover want to eat it.

you know, I kinda lucky today, yesterday this dessert was sold out only in 1 hour!
the price is Rp.18000 = $2 = 153 yen

Haruhi feels happy too. :D


Lets review.

on the top of mousse, a fresh strawberry spread with glossy jelly,lies on frosted chocolate.
It sour taste and sweet from chocolate mousse blended smoothly in my mouth. :D

Inside the mousse bunch of chocochips scattered randomly, and at the bottom of it there's a soft choco cake!

overall the taste are nice not so sweet. every chocolover will love it.
but for me it's somewhat too big portion, I can't finish it in a one shot.





An imported snack from LOTTE, chocopie!
I cant believe it, it was sold in carrefour.
the price is Rp.14.000 = $1.5 = 119 yen

and you know what, in online shop they sell it $4.5!

I love it packaged.

see that? It's a tone note.
I try to play it on recorder. and, yeah, Its kinda catchy tone I guess.

So, this is how the exactly the chocopie looks like.
layered pie cookie filled with chocolate.
absolutely crunchy and soft, I love the chocolate taste too.

I wish I can buy it some more.


did you know? Keigo is love to reads novel.
and recently he red "Strawberry night" by Tetsuya Honda which had been get in to live action drama.
and he gonna read back again "Invisible rain" in his travelling time.

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  1. Isn't chocopie looks like this, it sells pretty cheap on Carrefour (Made in Vietnam under Lotte licensed)