Release Album + Official FLOW FB

Lately my internet connection in my home got down.
and I've got a lot work for my job so,
In this 2 days back, I can't update my blog.
and worst,
I missed niconicodouga live stream, where there's FLOW appeared.
and I feel that tonight I will missed the Ustream too.

how miserable me. . .

so, I got to get my self together,
and by the way, I wrote this in my office. gotta move silently or else . . .



there's so much news from FLOW.

we start from, album release.
22/02 yesterday was the day!

These are the samples from GOTS's blog.
and this is the Trump card B&W Tour merchandise.

and coincidencely I've got my BUTTERFLY album!
and I just to wait for 1 week to get my Black&White + Rock Climbers CDs!!!
Ureshii naa~~!


yes, official FLOW Facebook!

Like them, hayaku!


FLOW will give away 10 signed poster to 10 people randomly who twit their favorite song in Black & White Album with tag # FLOW_B_W.
have you twit it?

in case one of you bought the first press of their album, you'll get a chance to win a free Tour T-shirt!
but, you must buy the Live tour ticket (and unfortunately it's only in Japan).

The winner will be annouced by FLOW's member after the LIVE stage, and they will handed the T-shirt to the winner by themselves!

Lucky! XD

just reminding, FLOW will appear in Ki/oon Ustream tonight.


Starts at 02/23/2012 8:00 PM (18:00 WIB)


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