MATSURI september

this September will be like a matsuri for me, folks!
let see...

9th 5th , BravBlue release date!

and of coures the fenomenal ARAFEST!
(although I can't don't go see them, kawaiso na~)

and, and, you know what?
this month I'll get many delivery packaged arrived at my home, ne! 


first, the BRAVBLUE CD/DVD!!

de! waku waku gakou outer!!! YAY!

not to mention the BRS TV-ani figma though.. YES!

another useless thing in my room!! HOORAY!!

soshite, 24 HourTV T-SHIRT!!!

OMG, seriously, I even can't believe myself in spending those money.

and the last is....
 Satopi ARAFEST jumbo uchiwa!

(yeah, I know that is 10-11 tour uchiwa, the Arafest one is not release yet.)
and I hope he's not messing around with his face and his hair, I bet it's the kobo-chan's hair this time)

hazukashiii na...

I won't tell my mom about this, or my dad, worst, my brother...
he gonna tease me around in the rest of my life.


  1. *gasp* You're an Arashi fan as well? :D

  2. Yeah! Satopi is my ichiban, obviously.
    Masaka... You, an arashian too?

    1. Yeah! My ichiban is Aiba but Jun has been appealing to me lately in my dreams hahaha xD

      BTW, isn't the single releasing on 5th Sept??

    2. yabe! basically we're nakama da. :D

      new single? you mean the Ura ara? the only sell domestically?
      or another new single? moshikashite, AKASHI??!! nyaa~~!*high tension*

  3. Eh eh no xD FLOW's Bravblue single. >.<

    1. owwh.. gomen,,, you know, arashi bias.. -3-

      Akh!! you're right, I was wrong typing the release date. 5th september, yup.

      I'll fix it right away. >3<

    2. Hoho! Sou desune xD Have you watched the 24hour TV?

    3. Um.. partly, yes.

      I just only watch their live performance, that medley and arashi meseji for future's part. and Ohno's MJ dance! WAO!

      I haven't watch where's arashi member helping people yet, or Nino's doramaSP yet, BUT! I'll download those all~ YEAAA~!!