FLOW AFA2012 report

 Did you see I love Anisong concert last night? 
my my my....

You know, I don't live in Singapore but believe it or not, I watch this concert LIVE!
at Nico Nico Live. :P

You think it's easy like a snapping finger to watch it, only because we don't have to join the crowd in that hall? tsk, tsk,... You're wrong dude.

FLOW was prepared for last performances, because, yeah you know la.. everybody want to see FLOW.
and the concert was delayed about half hour :(
and not to mention LAG, LAG, and LAAAAGG, 
and discrimination with priority nico premium member...

ma, nee...

so, I watched all performances
BABYMETAL, a kawaii metal girl, nice song too
m.o.v.e, rap song with DJ
Fripside, Railgun song, nice song too.
and many people really love LiSA, but I never listen her song, they said she sing for angelbeats anime.

and.... after waitng about 5 hour, no kidding, I must wait 20-30 minutes to see each next artist.
There's FLOWWW~!!!


and they covering Zankoku tenshi no TEZE like they did in france!!!
I love this covering XD

and for last song, for firing them up, they bring GO!!!


In MC part, Keigo  talk with his not bad engrish about FLOW's 10th anniversary and ask audience to yelling MAXXXX with him! awww.. I wish I was there too....

I'm proud with Kohshi english articulation, he's really good, I think he practice hard. :D well done Kohshi-nii.

and after concert FLOW-tachi instead do the high five they did the MAX touch with all audience! 
soooo jealous~!! I want do the MAX touch with KEIGO too! XD


so excited.

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