Inazuma Rock Fes. @ FujiTV

yesterday, FujiTV was broadcasted the InazumaRock 2011 Festival which was held september 2011 ago.
and FLOW is one of rock band who participated in.

. . .

and guess when they broadcasted on TV?

if it converted to Indonesia's time, it's mean 01:00 am !!!

my eyes are gonna pop out from it socket if I stay awake until that time!

so, I decided to didnt watch it.
and that is the only one photo that I can get from net about FLOW in InazumaRockFes.

if you want more, I guess you can buy Inazuma Rock 2011 Documentation photobook @ CDJAPAN.

see u around~


"atama no naka GANGAN natteru MUSIC"

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