Review: Ustream Ki/oon ch. FLOW

I've watched it!!!

Here they are! FLOW is in da house!

hm...they're kinda talk about behind the scene of HEY!! PV, about the windy affect.

people can comment, or make a question by phone.
most of all they're commented about HEY!! and congrate TAKE for his birthday. :D

. . . and like we used to know, Keigo did always laughing.
eeto, Gots look like wanna take Kyuun chan home with him..ahaha..

after phone session, they're play solving tangram puzzle game.
the fastest is Iwasaki! only took 25 sec for solved it.
and latest is Gots, 2 minutes! poor Gots san, he got punishment which he must drinking something that he didnt like.

At the end of the show, they're make a birthday surprise for Take!

He look sooo happy. :D

[actually I didnt capture this screenshot too busy watching Take blowing the candles, credit to charis0926]

Otanjoubi omedetou Take nii~ :D


actually for me this show is . . . .

seriously its all about that buffering yaro, I barely can hear what they're saying..
only a few word that I can hear/understand..

Demo, ureshikattadesuwa~ FLOW mitakatta :D

[btw, nice fashion, Kohshi.*sarcastic*]

Today is Hatsune Miku's Birthday too!!
Otanjoubi Omedetou Miku-chin~!


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