Iwa-san REPORT from SouthKorea

hmm . . .
I'm kinda lazy to post about this Korea event.

so I'll jut sum it all of Iwasaki-san's report and Kohshi's Blog from 14 - 16th Oct.
from arrive till their go home to Japan.

Here they are.
see the complete report @ flow.mu



Kohshi @ Haneda Airport waiting for boarding pass for fly to South Korea @ 6:00am!

arrive @ Korea, and the time is 26:10 or 02:20 am! TAKE was waiting for check sound and preparing rehearsal tommorow.

they're learning Hangeul (Korean alphabet) @ backstage , teached by Staff-san



[We have
a sturdy rehearsal.
Its Huge venue than I thought!

It'll become a movable roof open-air venue
so It's Okay if raining!]

[Ashita wa tanoshimou.!]



[FLOW team are returned!

Cheers for good work on Big Fields Rock Festival!
Btw, It's not Anime Fes. , but Overseas Rock Fes.

This will be a
really good experience there are many lesson we got there.]

(TwitPic Time!)

Finnally they're going home.

@ airport 7:00 am
TAKE relaxing while KEIGO seems distracted with something. . . . or someone?! Yabe!

Standing GOTS. . .

What are u looking at , Kohshi ?

[10:00 am arriving at Haneda.

Cheers for good work!

Extensive travel in South Korea was
partly became shot in studying.

Tomorrow, REC and Gakuen rehearsal.


Above, was 2011 KOREAN REPORT FROM Iwasaki.]


That's a wrap!
Mou! enough with Live concert guys~

make a new album instead please!

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