Present from KYOTO

From Kohshi's and Take's BLog, I got info that they're contributing college festival @ Tachibana University, Kyoto.

A big rock band like FLOW are invited to a college fes.?!

hm.. maybe the condition like . . . if one of famous university in Indonesia is inviting Nidji/D'Masiv/etc * u metion it, I kinda didn't follow Indonesian band*

so for us, it a possible thing.
hm . .

and look this drawing!

Kohshi's said when they come into the backstage, each FLOW's member got this self portrait drawing from the festival committe. :D

I wonder the rest self portrait of member will looks like.

and btw, can u find there something wrong with Kohshi's pic?

. . . . . .

where's the facial hair?

or, maybe he had shaved it?

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