Kazoku FES. report


cheers for good work of Kazoku Festival !
Really nice to this close to a friend.
What an exciting Festival.

I really appreciate it in many ways .
Of course everyone, including staff members

Cheers for good work! And Thank you!

Mostly for audience that came.

and for all laugh and smile from everyone.
so, from now on we will trying our best!

[guess who they are. haha . . looks like human evolution chart. :P ]

[Kazoku FES. location. It's on the beach!]

[at back backstage. yeah, we all know who it is. It's our Leader I guess. XD]

[a kotatsu at backstage??!! it's really like home for them. . . ]

[twitpic time! they said that Kazoku FES. was the best festival in 2011. Otsukaresamadeshita!!]

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