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Yappari, here's my long waited unreachable far away soulmate wannabe A.K.A Keigo's blog.
where you've been, ne Keigo-nii?
mattaku, He's so lazy to typing a blog post...



He said that they arrived safe and sound at Hokkaido.
and no impact from typhoon.
and they're ready to rocking the Sapporo's 26ers @ PENNYLANE24 tommorow! (means today)
[yokatta ne, minna tachi. :)]

and KEIGO was showing the FTP Tshirt white version.
looks better than the Navy one.

[It can blinded my eyes.] Keigo's quote to the Tshirt.


Btw, did anyone have uploaded FLOW [ON THE LINE] to Youtube??
I wanna watched it sooo bad~

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