DVD HEY!! screenshot

Ookay, it's time for spoiler from HEY!! DVD!

Screenshoted with Neroshowtime.


Take, like always kinda being the host, introducing this making video show.
and he wanna show us the blower which will they used to make the storm effect.

Yabe! what a close up! Keigo said they will trying their best for this MV.
I see some wrinkle there... and.. 2 big teeth.

It's not KEIGO if he didn't laughing. With TAKE, he was laughed when Iwasaki take a shot with stormy scene.

KEIGO's turn, His eyes looks kinda irritatted becuse of that strong wind.
you can see on the MV, his eyes are red.

GOTS and TAKE are playing dork wtih blower.

Poor KOHSHI, 8 take, and he's exhausted.

KEIGO can do magic! *uso dayo* His necktie was tied with some transparent string, to manipulated the necktie.

and this is the famous Epic scene. hahaha...

Love their expression.
buahahaha.... silly TAKE.

Really, I can tell that making this MV are made them exhausted. Jumping around in front of the giant blower? It can make my mouth and teeth dried.



  1. Thank you for sharing this pics!!! I want to see this making!!! It's look like soooooo funny!!!

  2. you're welcome. :D It's nice to share with other 26ers. :D