Review: Happy Music - FLOW live

It's not on 24:58! DOH!
It's started on 25:30 or 23:30 WIB [Indonesia time]!
haa . . .

okay. whatever.

I thought there will be an interview with FLOW, but sadly they didn't. It's only Live performance.
HEY!! Live performance.

Yeah, the screenshots are crap.
that's keyholeTV to you . . .
and all that buffering thing~~ *damn*

They're wearing Orange suit again! YEAH!
but Kohshi looks like trying sooo hard to singing the reff section.

grabbing high note and kinda screaming.

Kohshi's really needed rest after this Live. :D


  1. You have chance to see them!!!! I haven't the rignt time :-(

  2. I must stay awake all night long only to see them.haha..
    but I'ts okay if you didnt watched it. they only doing one live performance, [HEY!!]. not too much FLOW in there.

  3. stay awake all nigth long? it's okay as long as we do it for fun right? remember when we have to stay all night long for that piles of assignments.......wuaaa~ [ btw i missed FLOW's live performance on tv~ #again.....]