watakushi no baka no Nichijou 2

Recently I've watched Ao no Exorcist anime...
and now I'm being obsessed with Rin Okumura~!

He's the protagonist from this series.
being a son of satan and everybody in his childhood called him demon, but he didnt turn to so an Emo guy, which someone we knew a boy possesed a demonfox and he kinda turn to emotionally when everybody avoid him.

Rin is a nice boy to be friend with. He's always being so positive to everybody.

he's remined us to Elric brother, when he with his twin brother Yukio.
Rin the big brother but seems like Yukio is always take care his big brother. XD

He's got pointy ears and a tail~ which he always hiding it under his shirt. :D
Plus, he can cook! ahaaha. . .
what a perfect guy~Link
Read Ao no Exorcist manga

here's some amazing cosplay which I found from many site.




  1. wuaaaa...rin-kun!br sempet nonton 1 episode...T.T

  2. fufufufufufu.. keren yeee~~

    anak raja satan tp baek,lugu,keren,lucu+pinter masak pulo~ XD
    donlot lah episode 2,3,dst~~

    RIINN~~~! *mabok*