2011 last blog from KOHSHI

Akemashite Omedetou!!!!

what a messy year~

and in end of this year too I realize that I very scared with fireworks!
I feel like in the middle of a battlefield! with all that flash lightning like, the bomb like sound blasting out near my ears! man~! I really scared even my hand shaking while I pluging my ears with finger...

what a lame.
I wish in 2012 there'll someone inveting a silent fireworks *sigh*

so, now get down to the bussines.



Never forgotten

Such this is unable to forgetting

I think it was such a year.

There is also a moment that we keenly aware of our own powerlessness.

Neverthelesss steadily in the line doing One by one of the tasks that standing in front of us , one by one

It also became not only the shape but also became the power of connections that has led us to the next.

Yappari we done the "ON THE LINE" Tour

change the world things cant be done,

But we
moving toward from such a vision and
Up on our what we going to do one for next year

Think of everyone with a smile ahead. . .

未来へ進む君の姿を 決して見失わないようにと

過ぎた日々に別れを告げ今 一歩 一歩 また踏み出して行こう

Never lose sight of the figure and as you progress to the future

Step and go step by step now also goodbye to past days

Taken from [光] - Hikari , one of song from Album "BLACK & WHITE" . . .

To People who supported us

To everyone who always support us

A huge thanks. . .

Thank you


Have a nice new year!


Its REVEAL then!!!
I wonder what the type song is.
maybe, a ballad like Arigatou?



  1. Oyaho!! :-) Happy new year!!! I wish you the better in all and continue your funny blog to spread FLOW all over the world ;-)

  2. Happy new year too~~
    I'm glad you like my blog :D thank you so much.
    YEAH! All HAIL FLOW~!!!