polling result + Blog from GOTS : closed Studio

Still waiting for February~ XP
try to save a lot of money now.

And btw my polling was ended few days ago, lets review the result.

the Q is : [I love FLOW because of . . . ]

no 1 --> their music.
no 2 --> they way they changing my life.
there's 66% people think FLOW's music style had made them being 26ers. With wide range of music genre from pop, hip hop, rock and even reggae! How come u get boring with them, nee?
same with no 1, 66% people feel that FLOW's influence had change their life. I dont know where's part of their life that had been changed by listening FLOW song.
Music are Universal said Keigo.

no 3 --> they're funny guys
no 4 --> their stage performance
62% got attracted with Keigo tachi attitude. Must be from watching their PV and making PV video. even the way they communicate each other are amusing, silly and comical (like in commentary section) although we didnt fully understand what they'd said but when they're laugh ( esspecially Keigo-nii ), we can laugh too, go along with them.
and 62% had feel the enomourous FLOW's energy when they got Live concert. so entertaining, make our spirit pumping up.

the rest are
n0 5 ---> Keigo, and the lyrics
no 6 ---> Asakawa brothers.

the conclusion is many 26ers love FLOW because of their core of work, which are the music, LIVE act and their attitude, because of that many 26ers think that FLOW had changed their life.

how about u?

nja, I'll make another polling, make sure to vote okay. :D

. . .

Okay, btw here's a blog from GOTS


GOTS's Blog

Uwaa~ what a shocking news . . . .
Hitokuchi-zaka Studio, which had taken care us nearly this 10 year is closed down.
I think 7-8% 70-80% of FLOW's song was recorded in there.

How sad.


Sorry for bad translation.
Wao~ that studio is really part of the history of FLOW, nee .

. . . .

Is it already February yet?


  1. Hey there! Just a quick fix,
    it's 70-80% of their songs, not 7-8 :D

    Though it's really sad to hear that T_T

  2. ahh~~ I see, I kinda confused, is it 7-8 or 70-80 hehe.. thank you. XD
    I'll fix it.