Behind the [Heart shape audience] scene

Lets get nostalgic before we enjoy the new album, shall we?

the biggest live tour that FLOW ever held. I wish they'll gonna make it once again.

recently I was lurking around @ google.jp, looking for FLOW photos, and these are the results.

all about AIRU LIVE TOUR.
most of photos I got from japanese blog.

this is the entrance of Nippon Budokan. so crowded.
must be feeling Doki Doki if I was in there.

the Instructions for the audiences to make the heart shape.
It's so gorgeous as we seen on the DVD.

there're two types ballon, the round and heart shape

it's said [yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!]

the audiences was had no idea how's the heart's shape looks like until they bought and saw the DVD.

[credit to the owner, the images aren't not mine.]

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  1. ikki desculpe por aquela postagem.eu estava tão apressada em copiar as postagens do flow and i e do flow infinity que nem lembrei dos créditos.minhas sinceras desculpas!